Intervention in the Natural Landscape by Human Endeavour

Intervention in the Natural Landscape by Human Endeavour

Margaret River HEART, Wallcliffe Road
Funded by:
Community Donations

This collection of ceramic sculptures commemorates the use of the Margaret River HEART building as the evacuation centre during the 2011 fires, and to honour the individuals and organisations who played a part in helping those impacted.

The overall theme of Intervention in the Natural Landscape by Human Endeavour highlights that in many cases the two can be in harmony despite extreme events.

12 sculpted forms integrate into the landscape, with surfaces of colour and textured patterns using individually made ceramic tiles. Patterns give the opportunity to generate rhythm and movement, evoking life and activity to the still objects. Text on the tiles honours organisations and individuals who contributed.

The ceramic-tiled smooth dome forms provide visual and tactile objects that can also be used as seats. The artwork is intended to be viewed and enjoyed with different layers of detail revealed at different distances. From a distance the shadows from the texture define the patterns and enliven the forms. At a closer view the texture of ceramic tiles comes into its own as the sense of touch dominates.

The colour complements the natural forms with brighter colours representing the new life and flowering after the fires.

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