Take a beachside stroll and soak up the salt spray, sea view and sculptures on the Prevelly Coastal Art Trail. Discover ancient cliffs reflected in thoughtful limestone monuments and sculptures remembering the terrible 2011 fire. Start at the Rivermouth viewpoint and meander south to the White Elephant Café, and find art nestled within the environment. Sculptures, installations and murals mimic the ebb and flow of water across sand, pay homage to fearless surfers and Prevelly’s heritage. Many artworks offer a place to reflect on the loss and subsequent rejuvenation following the fire and the community’s united strength. Revel in the postcard-perfect views of the region’s best surfing breaks and beaches as you stroll the dedicated pathway admiring colourful artworks en route to a well-deserved coffee and bite to eat.
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Get off the beaten track and choose your own artistic adventure. Use your phone to navigate and follow the art trail or go rogue and visit the artworks that pique your interest. There’s plenty of creative talent and hidden gems to unearth.
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If a particular artwork tickles your fancy, go behind the scenes for further insight. See a time lapse video of the artwork creation or listen to an artist interview – be immersed in the artist’s inspiration with a meaningful look into their process.
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Do you love the work of a particular artist? Read about each artist, their experience and influences, see more of their art and learn what makes them tick, then visit their website and social media pages.
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Coming soon! Bring art to life through augmented reality. You’ll be able to reveal hidden layers using your phone and engage with the artworks in delightful and unexpected ways.
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