Forest Stand

Forest Stand

Shire of Augusta Margaret River Civic Administration Centre, Wallcliffe Road
Funded by:
Shire of Augusta Margaret River

Three trunks of solid jarrah timber reach to the sky, sourced from a 300-year-old fallen log found in a forest north of Dwellingup. It was likely lying on the forest floor for more than 50 years.

It represents the successful relationship between the natural environment that exists in, and draws people to, the Margaret River region, and the timber resources that were crucial in developing its economy and culture.

Once the timber was removed from the forest it was cut into the desired shapes using a chainsaw. The lower section of the sculpture is textured and scorched to evoke the role that fire plays in the forest environment, as a natural factor in its evolution and fire as a tool for land clearing by the group settlers.

The brushed areas on the aluminium canopies represent the rays of the sun coming through the crowns of the trees. The aluminium components lend something of a halo effect that serves to remind us of the sanctity of the forest and the reverence in which we should hold it.

The stone earth wall around the base functions as a seating area.

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